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26-Aug-2017 01:54

It can be replaced with Microsoft Update, an expanded version of the service which provides for other Microsoft software as well, such as Microsoft Office, Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Expression Studio.

Windows Update clients normally download updates over an Internet connection, although Microsoft makes provision for installing updates on computers without an Internet connection and a range of alternative methods and programs also exist to install updates. Security updates or critical updates protect against vulnerabilities to malware and security exploits.

You can configure Windows automatic updating in either of the following two ways.

Updating App Store Apps and System Software Enabling Automatic Updates Updating Apps Installed Without the App Store Upgrading to a Newer OS X Version Installing Updates in Legacy OS X Versions Community Q&A Software updates keep your computer and programs secure, fix errors, and provide new features.

The Windows Update Control Panel also has the function of downloading Windows Ultimate Extras, optional software for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

If the Update this Server section is not displayed in the Initial Configuration Tasks window, your storage appliance manufacturer may have established alternate methods for obtaining updates for your appliance.

If this service is disabled, users of this computer will not be able to use Windows Update or its automatic updating feature, and programs will not be able to use the Windows Update Agent (WUA) API.

Windows Update, a service offered by Microsoft, provides updates for Windows components.

Enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs.

To update i Tunes, go to the "Help" menu, and select "Check for updates." If i Tunes says you have the most recent version, you're all set to move on to Step Two.

If i Tunes tells you that a more recent version of the application is available, download it.

The Windows automatic updating feature simplifies the task of updating the operating system, and saves administrators time.

Other features of the Automatic Updating and Feedback dialog box allow you to participate in the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program and Windows Error Reporting.

Other updates correct errors unrelated to security, or enhance functionality.