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Taylor received more votes than Chloe Channell, sending Taylor to the Semifinals.Taylor Williamson's Week 1 Semifinals performance in Episode 820 consisted of joking about "child-appropriate jokes" (in response to Heidi Klum not liking his routine last week because it was inappropriate) about finding a dog attractive, the audience being awkward, and labradoodles being mixes of labs and doodles.Frankie's dated swinger lingo -- terms like ''mook,'' ''real classy lady'' and ''broad'' -- is made especially ludicrous by Mr. Kane falls back on standard romantic-comedy hokum with sentimental soundtrack burblings.Luckily, much of the action takes place in a rollicking salsa club, so the music is for the most part as easy to take as the story.And Eddie (Jimi Mistry), a nervous thief who lives with his punch-drunk father, develops an unexpected crush -- ''more than a crush, a stampede,'' he declares -- on the nerdy, germ-phobic Jocelyn (Catherine Mc Cormack), who puts flowers on the graves of people whose loved ones are too far away to do it themselves. ''I'd lend you my copy, but, well, it's mine.'' Lines like this are delivered with an unassuming aplomb that gives the film a pleasant, syncopated rhythm.Like some other recent British comedies, ''Born Romantic,'' which opens today at the AMC Empire 25, is acted with a low-key intelligence and directed (by David Kane) with a scruffy efficiency that make it seem better than it is. Kane's thin script, moments of complexity and feeling, as well as opportunities for sly hilarity. Lester's philosophical ruminations on the psychology of love are countered by the pronouncements of another cabbie (Ian Hart), who fancies himself an expert on the mystery of womankind. But when more earnest sentiments are called for, Mr.A group of lonely London singletons with differing views on love play the dating game with varying degrees of success in writer-director David Kane's tiresome romantic comedy.

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She was first treated for breast cancer in 1992, at the age of 43.What was less known were the last 10 months of Weiland's life, a series of turbulent episodes that included a close friend's death, the cancer diagnoses of his mother and father, severe financial troubles, estrangement from his children, self-medication and mental illness.Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Late Scott Weiland It had been five years since Weiland's once-wildly-popular grunge band Stone Temple Pilots reunited to release a 2010 self-titled LP, which hit No.2 on the Billboard 200, and two since STP fired him for announcing a solo tour of its ­greatest hits without the band's blessing.

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But in March 2015, Weiland was back with a new studio album, , and a band he believed in, The Wildabouts, when guitarist Jeremy Brown -- whom Weiland considered one of his best friends -- failed to show up for rehearsal., but wound up talking about everything from crack staffs, his tattoos, his mixed heritage, and accordion players vs. At one point in the interview, there was a two-minute lull in the conversation where Michael and Craig laughed to fill in the silence.