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And I thought I would consider interior design as a hobby. I guess that’s not how it works when it’s embedded in your genes.(Even my last name in German Seide means silk, apparently my Austrian ancestors were silk traders.) Early Signs: Since I can remember, I have been drawing furniture plans and houses.In the letter I listed all the things interior designers do (looking back, I actually can’t believe I knew some of the things I wrote! I guess when you grow up with a mom working at her drafting board (until late at night, which is what I remember! On my own: Eventually there came a time to go out on my own, and start my own design business. It sort of came about when one of the designer’s I was working for had slowed down a bit.A PTA president and classroom volunteer busted with drugs in her car, fired from her job, disgraced in her city.now-a-days, I overheard some older kids talking about the finer points of teenage dating.It was in the cafeteria, from the end of a long line of students waiting on lunch.However, just when police believed the case was closed, there came a twist that no one saw coming.

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I’ll take one for the team, admit ignorance on the subject, gather facts and report back at the sleepover this weekend. And you’re wondering what-in-God’s-name is a steam-burger? The reason the wine is white is because the juice utilized to make the wine hasn’t had contact with the skin.

Most of what was being said was likely rubbish, but I still had a few questions after that…

I’m sure I talked to my friends about it, and they probably talked to other friends about it. The color comes when white wine juice keeps contact with grape skins. For those new to wine it might be surprising to learn that white wine can come from red grapes.

The road has been paved with ultra-luxe cuff lines, ghostwritten memoirs and artificially flavored vodkas.

But no “Housewife” career move is quite as iconic as attempting pop stardom — preferably with little-to-no singing experience and a seven-Pinots-in level of confidence.

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