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The videos and downloads for the songs are at the link below.

Will: I'm dating Matt damon Amy: your dating matt Damon well I'm dating hannah montana HM : she's dating hannah Montana backstage at my concerts dates me on my parents bed after school at my locker in the car I give her head im also dating the flava Flava: yeah boy she's dating flava flave fool you know what time it is because I'm dating junie toooo aaarrrgggghhhh Junie: yeah I know but it's true flava flavee dates me to Junie's boyfriend: and I swap with Calvin and he swaps with that dude Lisa Calvin junie and her boyfriend: and were all dating hell boy Hell boy: ohhhhhh yeeeaaahh they're dating hell boy and I'm dating the hulk Hulk: when I get really mad I start dating iron man Iron man: the most uncomfortable screw but I date the princess to Princess: ding dong Prince: who's that ringing on my bell Princess: the chick who's dating iron man that's I-R-O-N M-A-N and I like his tin can Prince: that's really freak cos I'm dating Wolfe Wolfe: hhhhoooouuuuuggggg dating Wolfe ain't that a pitty cos I'm dating those broads from sex and the city hhhhhhhoooooouuuuggggg Carrie: he dates the sex and the city gals and so I wondered would Wolfe really get jealous if he new we were dating that guy with the big utillity belt Batman: they're all dating batman at Wayne manor in the batcave butler alfred is our love slave riddle me this holy bathouse I'm also dating amy winehouse Amy Winhouse: he's dating amy winehouse on the down low low low and I'm dating jessica Simpson cos it's how I roll roll roll Jessica Simpson: she dating jessica Simpson ohhh yeaaahh and I think I might have dated that hot assassin Hot assension: everyone dates me and I date them back you see and the Mexican to with the tradgic hair do Mexican: call it heads I'm dating JT JT: i'm dating that male model cos he's so fine and I like to get up in those Calvin kleins Model: it's true JT dates me once again but I'm also dating prince caspian Prince caspian: I am handsome and I am cool that's why this prince dates the kids from high school HSM kids: yeah come on let's hear it now it's time to party, you know what time is it..

Writer and director Frank Pierson, in his New West magazine article "My Battles With Barbra and Jon" summarized it thusly: "An actress is a little more than a woman, an actor a little less than a man (Oscar Wilde) ...

The woman in our story is ambitious to become a star, but it is not necessary: it can make her happier and richer, but she could give it all away and not be a better or worse person.

See full summary » Sean King and Michelle Maxwell aren't your typical pair of private investigators.

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Believing in her talent, John gives her a helping hand and her career begins to eclipse his.

But im not sure, i have searched for lyrics and everything cant find the song!