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), the people that were behind the speakers are relatively unknown.

It is the speakers that ultimately produce the sound that our ears experience and microphones record, so I think it's important to recognize them as well.

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This article will also assign a chronological order to the upgrades so the Synchrophase owner might be able to date when his radio was built from certain easily observable construction details.

Also, we will attempt to decipher Grebe's serial letter methods so that dating by this combination of letters may become possible in the future (this attempt has actually produced another interesting possibility for the serial letter codes.).

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While names like Leo Fender, Ken Fischer, and Jim Marshall maybe household names (in guitar households at least!

Magnavox is credited with coining the term "stereophonic" during 1935 by Austin Armer, an engineer in the Fort Wayne laboratories.

He was struck by the "live—dimension" or 3—D effect of his new dual—speaker system and coined the term "stereophonic," or "stereo," for the new system.

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